Heal Your Grief With Yoga

Moving Into Empowerment

Grief Yoga DVD Preview


Grief Yoga DVD Preview

This exclusive DVD includes

  • Introduction by grief expert, David Kessler
  • Gentle Restorative Class for beginners – 26 minutes
  • Moving into Empowerment – 1 Hour

This empowering class brings in many forms of yoga with the intention of using grief as a fuel for healing. It’s designed whether it’s your first time doing yoga or you’ve done it many times.

What my clients say about me?

I highly recommend Paul’s work for anyone dealing with any type of loss. Paul understands how grief can get stuck in the body. He always says, the body remembers. I’m so excited that now so many people can experience the healing magic of Paul Denniston’s Grief Yoga class right on their own TV or computer. Thanks Paul for a wonderful tool to help heal grief!

David Kessler, Grief expert and co-author with Louise Hay of You Can Heal Your Heart

What Is Grief Yoga

Use Grief as Fuel for Healing

Yoga can be a saving grace to help deal with grief and loss. As we experience our grief, we can get stuck in the past or have fear and anxiety of the future. Yoga is a pathway to the present by observing the breath and the sensations within the body. When challenging things happen in our life, those events have the ability to shut us down or crack us wide open. Yoga allows us to befriend the body with compassion and healing. Creating a space to let go of tension and anxiety and find relaxation and peace within. As we become present within the body, our wounds will start to surface. Wounds of sadness or abandonment can arise for the student to compassionately embrace. This grief can be used as fuel for healing.

Grief Yoga is a concentrated and gentle opening and stretching of the body with a deep connection to breath. Yoga creates the space for the mind to observe the breath as you connect to postures that strengthen and detox your body. Yoga’s healing power and wisdom can help you embrace the grief that resides within your mind and body and help open your heart. Grief yoga is a blend of Hatha yoga, Vinyassa Flow, Kundalini breath work, and Laughter yoga. This class is for all levels whether its your first time doing yoga or you’re a dedicated yogi. Grief yoga creates a safe space to release sadness and anger through you without expectation or judgement to connect to the gift of life.

Don’t repress what you’re feeling.
Fully experience it! Express it!
Then let it go.

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